Writing-Paper-Scene. The adventures of a history
29 March-10 May 2017
A workshop inspired by fairy tales, traditional and modern, following the fascinating adventures of a story (fairytale writing, handmade book manufacture, theatrical show). A workshop aiming at those who love to learn and experiment playing with words, images and construction, which takes place in five two-hour sessions, consisted of two parts; theoretical presentation and experiential activity.
Art and spirituality in west and east 31 March-5 May 2017
A series of lectures and a painting workshop connecting Art and spirituality. A voyage through alchemy, I-ching, the Chinese art of prediction and Taoism in chinese landscape painting and decorative patterns.
CRISIS OF SCIENCE AND CRISIS OF PHILOSOPHY9 NOVEMBER 2016-5 APRIL 2017The phenomenon of parallel science and philosophy crises, the terms and conditions that produce them.
PARALLEL MYTHS21 Oktober 2016-17 February 2017
A workshop about unknown parts of Greek mythology, as well as a comparative study of events, motifs and characters from the mythologies of other civilizations.
5 December 2016-6 February 2017
A series of five conversations-performances by scientists distinguished in their field, having as the main theme the observation of art and the science of the future in relation to the management of ancient knowledge.
THE ART OF RELIEF PRINTING: WORKSHOP30 November-21 December 2016During four three-hour sessions, we learn the art of relief printing and create our own work.
LANDSCAPE14 october-25 november 2016 A voyage through the riches of landscape art, with the help of artists, movements and techniques, combining theory and practice in an original manner.