Magical China. Colours and printing
9 April-28 May 2017
An art workshop inspired by the multifaceted cultural wealth of China, which aims to develop our young friends’ manual dexterity, through two and three-dimensional works, with artist Eleni Papadaki
The year of the rooster
Saturday 18 February 2017
A unique children's combination workshop, led by the artists Eleni Papadaki and Roxanne Yiannou and the storytellers Antonia Velliou and Ifigeneia Kakridoni, which brings us closer to the unknown to us, but enchanting culture of faraway China. We learn about the "Beijing opera" and the awesome "Chinese dragons".
when i see ships
13 november-11 december 2016
In the new art workshop, ships acquire personality!
I CONSTRUCT AND DISCOVER9 october 2016-4 june 2017The children will understand how the real world functions, through an innovative activity that focuses on the meaning of research.
9 OcTOBER 2016-21 may 2017
The children use small blocks to build mechanical constructions that become the heroes of their own fantastical adventures.
ARKKI (CYCLE A)9 october-6 novemberThe children enhance their creativity and become “architects” of their future.