The year of the rooster
Saturday 18 February 2017
A unique children's combination workshop, led by the artists Eleni Papadaki and Roxanne Yiannou and the storytellers Antonia Velliou and Ifigeneia Kakridoni, which brings us closer to the unknown to us, but enchanting culture of faraway China. We learn about the "Beijing opera" and the terrible "Chinese dragons".
Paul Cézanne
29 January-9 April 2017
Through the works of Paul Cézanne (1839-1906), the children get to know the distinctive style of the French artist, who is considered the father of modern art and the forerunner of Cubism. Participants experiment with colored pencils, pastels, charcoal, water colors and ink. Drawing and painting landscapes and still lifes, they discover the clean lines and geometric shapes hidden within.
FANTASTICAL WORLDS11 December 2016-5 March 2017In the course of individual art workshops the children explore, in a singular manner, painting materials and techniques, experimenting with collage, colors and art media. They create works in two or three dimensions and welcome the magic of art into their lives.
MR. HOLMES’ STORIES16 october 2016-29 january 2017The children are called upon to solve scientific “mysteries” as apprentice detectives.
I CONSTRUCT AND DISCOVER9 october 2016-4 june 2017The children will understand how the real world functions, through an innovative activity that focuses on the meaning of research.
robotics: LEGO MINDSTORMS9 october 2016-21May 2017Learning is combined with play, transforming education into a fun activity.
ARKKI (CYCLE A)9 october-6 Novenber 2016The children enhance their creativity and become "Architects" of their future.
FRIDA KAHLO9 october-18 december 2016The children learn about the life of the Mexican artist and experiment with her technique.