The permanent Interactive Exhibition “I Play and Understand” (1st and 2nd floors, Herakleidon 16, Thissio) has been visited by more than 35.000 students since October 2014. As of March 2015, it is also open on Sundays from 10:00 to 14:00 for children and families, as well as anyone interested in enriching his or her scientific knowledge in an entertaining manner. 

The first floor of this interactive exhibition presents an introduction to the elemental mathematical concepts. Tables with interactive exhibits and works of art introduce the visitor to the meaning of symmetry in nature and art, to the world of numbers and shapes, as well as to the simplest algorithmic operations.

The second floor of the exhibition offers a historical journey through the most important stages of scientific and mathematical thought, as well as of the arts. Beginning with the pre-Socratic era and the transition from myth to reason, the journey continues with the Pythagoreans, the Eleatic philosophers, Plato and Aristotle, the Hellenistic period, the Renaissance, the conquests of science and 20th century art, arriving at the contemporary science of chaos, dynamic systems and fractals.

The originality, as well as the uniqueness of the exhibition, lies in the manner in which the visitor, in playing and interacting with the special exhibits, experiences the inter-relationship of science, art, mathematics, and philosophy, and thus realizes the twofold need of the human intellect for expression (art) and understanding (logic and mathematics).

Design-Scientific Review
Aris Mavromatis & Apostolis Papanikolaou, researchers in the Didactics of Mathematics
Dr Nikos Kourniatis, architect

Sophia Stathopoulou, Msc in the Didactics of Mathematics


Every Sunday 10:00-14:00

Public Holidays
The Museum remains closed January 1 & 6, February 27, April 16-17, July 22-September 22, December 25 & 26, 2017


Children: 6 € - escorts/parents free
Adults: 6 € 
Students-Teachers with valid identification: 4 €

T: +30 210 34 61 981 

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