VOYAGE-Greek Shipbuilding and Seafaring from antiquity to modern timesextension through August 27,  2017The history of Greek seafaring in the Aegean and the Mediterranean from prehistoric times to the middle of the 20th century: More than thirty handmade wooden models of ships, works of art, nautical instruments, maps, video projections, explanatory drawings, a special edition catalogue - and a new section on Antikythera Mechanism!


Ancient Chinese Science and TechnologySeptember 2017-January 2018This exhibition of the China Museum of Science and Technology in Beijing will introduce to the Greek public for the first time some of the remarkable technological achievements of the Chinese civilization, which is one of the most ancient. These achievements cover a broad scientific spectrum, from astronomy and navigation to weaving techniques, papermaking, printing, seismography, et al., and will be presented through the models of a variety of inventions. Moreover, visitors will have the unique opportunity to watch demonstrations of ancient Chinese weaving techniques, traditional methods of papermaking and printing, and others.