16 Herakleidon Str118 51 Thissio
T: +30 210 34 61 981
F: +30 210 34 58 225

The Museum Herakleidon is housed in a building dating back to 1898, a striking example of neoclassical architecture and one of the few remaining in Athens.

This neoclassic building was completely restored, renovated and designed according to the highest standards. The facade of the historic building was renovated in the 1990's following a government decree. In keeping with its function as a museum, the most up-to-date security, protection and display systems have been installed. Lighting with optical fibers, temperature and humidity controls, and proper visitor circulation meet the most exacting museum specifications.

There were two separate buildings, each at a slightly different level: an L-shaped one, at the front and side of the courtyard, and another at the back. They were joined, carefully renovated and transformed into this beautiful exhibition space. The result of the joining process is a two floor exhibition complex that is in the shape of a "U" with total available surface of approximately 700 m2. The facade was carefully restored and all windows and shutters repaired and kept in place. The gray and black tiles in the entrance are the original ones, but the ochre tiles are new.

The unique shape of the building creates a traditional Athenian style atrium. The bricks that form part of the courtyard floor are from an old wall of the house, while the irregular marble slabs that cover the other half of the courtyard floor, as well as the outdoor corridor, are the original patio covering. The well in the courtyard is the original one and still has water. Once city water was provided, the family used it to chill their watermelons!

From the street level of Herakleidon, there is access to the Museum Gift Shop, but also to three 30person capacity projection rooms, accessible from both the shop and atrium, as part of the Educational Programs.

37 Apostolou Pavlou Str118 51 Thissio
T: +30 211 012 6486

The Museum Herakleidon celebrated its ten-year anniversary with the opening, in October 2014, of a new space for art and culture situated on the picturesque pedestrian street of Apostolou Pavlou, very near the archaeological site and metro station of Thissio.

The beautifully restored 1895 neoclassical building, which attests to the craftsmanship of its original construction, was reinforced with concrete walls in the basement in order to abide with current building codes. Furthermore, contemporary concealed wiring was installed, including internet wiring, as well as indirect lighting in order to preserve and enhance the ceiling paintings.

The restoration of the ceiling paintings, a vital element of the building’s décor, is true to the original designs and colors. It took specialists in architectural painting and archaeologists (VERDIGRIS Architectural Painting) two years to commplete this remarkable project.

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