“Science, Art and Mathematics” in all of Greece: The program is travelling in the Cyclades.
1 May 2015-31 May 2016

It is with great success that in 2015 the educational program of the Museum Herakleidon “Science, Art and Mathematics” was presented to the primary and secondary schools of Milos and Ios, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and the gracious sponsorship of Celestyal Cruises.
During the period beginning in May and culminating at the end of October 2015, the program was presented to 550 students of the elementary, middle and high schools of Milos and in November to 212 students of the schools of Ios.

It is a two-hour program, during which the students are free to interact with the specially chosen interactive exhibits of the museum for the first hour, while the second hour is devoted to the instruction of basic mathematical concepts that correspond to the material taught in their class and are presented within the context of the educational program “Science, Art and Mathematics”. The educators were given the accompanying teaching material in both printed and digital form, to enable them to continue the instructional process in the classroom, while each participating student received a useful souvenir gift from Celestyal Cruises.

Main Building: 16 Herakleidon Str, Thissio, 118 51 Athens, Greece,  Τ: 210 34 61 981, F: 210 34 58 225, Ε: info@herakleidon-art.gr 
Annex: 37 Apostolou Pavlou Str , Thissio, 118 51, Αthens, Greece, T: 211 012 6486, E: annex@herakleidon-art.gr