Choose your gifts from the offerings of the Museum Herakleidon: original, tasteful, educational toys for children (mechanical constructions of paper or wood, kits for experiments and robotics, puzzles, etc.), as well as books for both children and adults.
Furthermore, a series of special publications and artistic creations inspired by the exhibition “VOYAGE – Greek Shipbuilding and Seafaring from Antiquity to Modern Times” and, naturally, the good luck “charm” of 2017, will imbue your choices with a taste of Greek history and naval tradition.

“Voyage” exhibition catalog
128 pages, 28x24 cm. (softcover), in color, bilingual (Gr./Eng.)
ISBN: 978-960-88876-9-5 | Copyright © 2016 Herakleidon Museum
12 € - price includes 6% VAT

A multi-dimensional journey through Greek shipbuilding and seafaring, from the dugout canoes of prehistoric times to the sailing vessels of the Greek War of Independence and the steamships of the beginning of the 20th cent., with informed texts, bibliography and unique photographic material from the exhibition “Voyage”. You can leaf through the book here.

Travelling with Alia (in Greek only)
An informative children’s book with educational activities, in color, 24 pages, 24x16 cm.
ISBN: 978-960-98478-3-4 | Copyright © 2016 Herakleidon Museum
5 € - price includes 6% VAT

A small dolphin, Alia, jumps out of a prehistoric fresco to tell the young readers about the sea voyages of the Greeks. Which were the first boats? Which was the largest ship in antiquity? And how did ships evolve with the passing of time? Many illustrations and suggested activities accompany the texts. Leaf through the book here.

Ancient gear
Bronze paperweight 10x10 cm. (± 1 cm.)
55 € - price includes 24% VAT

Inspired by the Antikythera Mechanism, cast and oxidized to look old in order to reflect the original find, designed and made by the sculptor Panayiotis Tzafolias.

Good luck charm
Bronze boat on a plexiglass base 3x3x6,5 cm.
14,5 € - price includes 24% VAT

Inspired by the exhibition “Voyage”, designed and made by the sculptor Panayiotis Tzafolias.

Made of bronze (length 25 cm. ± 1 cm.)
18 € - price includes 24% VAT

In different sizes, all designed and made by sculptor Panayiotis Tzafolias.

Combined ticket for two exhibitions!
Thousands of children and adults have already visited the permanent interactive exhibition “I Play and Understand” at the building of Herakleidon 16, enriching their scientific knowledge in the most enjoyable way. But in the building of Ap. Pavlou 37 as well, a journey unfolds daily through the history of Greek seafaring in the Aegean and the Mediterranean – a story of sea voyages, shipbuilding achievements, exchanges of ideas and technological developments.

7 € one parent with his or her children (12 yrs and under) or one adult
12 € two parents with their children (12 yrs and under) or two adults

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