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The daily educational program for 2015-2016, “Science, Art and Mathematics”, organized for schools by the Museum Herakleidon will begin on September 28, 2015 (design-scientific review: Aris Mavromatis, Apostolos Papanikolaou, researchers in the Didactics of Mathematics).

This program seeks to relate science, art and mathematics through interactive activities involving the exhibits and selected works of art of the permanent Interactive Exhibition “I Play and Understand” at the main building of Museum Herakleidon, 1st and 2nd floors, Herakleidon 16, in Thissio. 10,000 students have visited this exhibition since October 2014.  Moreover, as of March 21, 2015 it has also been open on Sundays, 10:00-18:00, to the general public and anyone who is interested in enriching his or her scientific knowledge in a most entertaining manner.

Furthermore, this year the daily educational program will inaugurate a new unit of instruction, “Ancient Art and Mathematics”, with a workshop for kindergarten and elementary school children: “I create my own geometric pots with colors, clay and geometry” (design-workshop leader: Nicoletta Xidea, MA Archaeology-Museology).  It aims to acquaint children with geometry through a hands-on approach to the geometric art of antiquity. At the conclusion of the workshop, the children will be called upon to become pot decorators for a short time, participating in an art workshop to create and decorate their own geometric pot using the figure technique of the geometric period (use of black color exclusively).

The program “Science, Art and Mathematic” (a continuation and extension of the program “Art and Mathematics”, well-known since 2005) complements the material taught in schools in an interdisciplinary approach to instruction and seeks to develop the students’ investigative reasoning in an environment of free inquiry and unconventional learning. 

Dates: 28 September 2015-15 June 2016

Monday through Friday, 9:00-11:00 and 11:00-13:00.
Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00
Τ: 210 34 61 981
E: edu@herakleidon-art.gr